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As a Member of Trophy Club Town Council for 6 years I am proud of what we accomplished and would like to continue that effort by being elected to the Town Council for Place 1. 


Fiscal Responsibility

I am proud that we were able to reduced the Tax rate each of the 6 years I was on Council

 Purchased the land and built the Town Hall and Police Facility under budget at a savings from the original proposal of nearly 12 million dollars

Refinanced the PID (Public Improvement District) agreement for the Highlands development saving $16.4 million dollars, saving on average each PID home over $12,000 and the Town an additional $500,000 in reduced expenses

Just those 2 items alone saved the Residents nearly 30 million dollars.

Restructured the Town retirement fund contribution from 171/2% to 14% for a savings of approx.$144,000 per year

Participated in the Initial Council Budget Sub Committee that proposed reducing the Tax rate in 2017 which was one of the largest in Town History.

Received a AA+ rating from Standards & 
Poor's (S&P)

Town Safety:

Added School Safety Crosswalk Flashers and additional School Zones

Upgraded equipment for our Police Department to have the best Law Enforcement tools available to protect our Town

Added in conjunction with NISD a second SRO (School Resource Officer)

Created a new Police position with the hiring of Indy the K-9 Officer

Rewrote the Sign Ordinance to eliminate the unsightly proliferation of Signs in our Town and along 114

Passed the No Knock, No solicitation Ordinance 

Revised the No Overnight Parking Ordinance 

Security Cameras for the Dog and Toddler Parking Lot which has significantly reduced the crime activity at the location

Created a new and modernized Animal Shelter and an Animal Shelter Board 

In addition to upgrading safety equipment for our Firefighters we authorized a 5th Firefighter/EMS to each shift

We negotiated to manage the operations of Fire/EMS Services from the MUD

Parks and Recreation

Added a parking lot between the Veterans Park and Medlin School using Hotel Tax

Added an additional Parking Lot for Harmony Park

Regraded the Soccer Fields next to Lakeview Elementary School

Built the Dino Park for Toddlers next to the Dog Park

Built a ADA compliant playground for young children at Harmony Park

Replace the Large Playground at Harmony Park making it ADA compliant

Added and/or replaced covers for the existing playgrounds and pool

Updated one of the Baseball Fields including a new shade structure and remodeling the bathrooms at Indy West  

Upgraded the Veterans Memorial Park and added the Obliques of the Armed Services and one honoring the POW and MIA Veterans

Negotiated the Sports Contracts to put Trophy Club Players first in line for sign ups and partnered with the Baseball Association for Scoreboards at Indy West

Changed the access to the Community Pool for Trophy Club Residents and their Guests only

Built a 3 lane Bocce Ball Court at Harmony Park and added Pickle Ball striping and netting to the Tennis Courts

Negotiated a $750,000 Parkland Dedication payment from the PD-30 (Trophy Club Town Square) Developer to be used for future Parks improvements

Infrastructure Improvements

Signed a 99 year water and waste water agreement that guarantees that the PID residents pay the same rate as the MUD residents 

Created and implemented the Capital and Vehicle Replacement fund

Funded Road improvements without raising our Bond Tax Rate with several of the projects reducing flooding caused by storm water

Approved 3 Restaurants:  Meat-U-Anywhere, HG Sply Co. and Breadwinners

Police Department, by moving the Department into the new Town Hall facility, prior to that they were housed in a building consisting of combing 4 trailers where working conditions were untenable


  • Strong Supporter of Law Enforcement, First Responders and security measures to keep our Town safe
  • Support a discussion of developing a 3000 square foot Civic/Community/Senior Center fully funded with our Hotel Tax on Town Property.
  • Support updating and enhancing our Front Entranceways funded with our Hotel Tax.
  • Support Regional Partnerships 
  •  I will always honor my Oath of Office to uphold the United States and Texas Constitutions
  •  I will fulfill my Term of Office

See my Information Site for a more detailed discussion on these issues.

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