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My wife Janet and I have been married for 48 years and in 1987, Janet and I retired early and moved to North Padre Island in Corpus Christi. When my daughter's family moved to DFW, we moved to Trophy Club in 2001 to be closer to our grandchildren.

 I served on several local boards in NYC and when moving to Corpus Christi, joined the Padre Isles Association. Janet was also a member of the Padre Isles Woman's Club.

In Trophy Club, I was the President of our HOA and served for 12 years until 2015.
Janet joined the Trophy Club Women's Club in 2001 and has volunteered in our community throughout the years.

 I communicate with our residents with e-mail, reaching over 4000 residents and voters. These Council updates feature important Town and Regional information, such as updates on TxDot construction and Council decisions that affect the daily lives of Trophy Club Residents and Business Owners.

 If you have any questions and/or comments, please go to my Contacts page. I encourage you to do this as I would like to hear from you!


Information on my future plans and goals

Request for 2 more police officers and 2 FF/EMS positions
There has not been an increase in Police Officers since 2015

Since 2015
we have opened 3 new restaurants with significant alcohol sales plus 2 more, 250 apartments, additional retail space in the new Town Square (TC Drive and 114) and on Bobcat Blvd., there has been nearly 1000 new homes built and an upcoming increase in students with the new construction to the high school (BNHS).

Saturdays and Mondays are the worst crime days and Trophy Club
85% of all arrests are of individuals who do not live in Trophy Club
More police results in less crime
Crime at the dog park and Toddler Park parking lot has been virtually eliminated since the cameras were installed

There is a cost benefit and savings to paying what the area wages command. A constant turn over in personnel has a significant cost to it with additional training, overtime and hiring expense for replacement personnel that is required.

There will be a significant increase in the sales tax and property evaluations from the new Commercial Properties.
In addition, the new State Law that went into effect this year regarding out of area sales, such as Amazon, now gives the sales tax from their Trophy Club customers to the Town.
These new funds can help cover the expenses for the 2 new officers.

With 5 Hotels located in a Town our size, I believe we need to explore the usage of Hotel Tax to protect these Hotels by partially paying for the Police and/or Fire/EMS services that are required to keep their guests safe and secure in these 4-5 story buildings. 
We hold events such as the 4th of July where we have in the past used Hotel tax for town services.
Laws and interpretations change from time to time, we should keep this in mind and and keep the review process current as well.
Just as it is understandable to say hotel tax use for this is currently a "no", it is equally reasonable to keep working at finding a way.
I believe it is one of the obligations as Elected Officials that we have in representing the residents.


The Hotel Tax currently has a balance of over $1.3 million dollars, there is a significant amount of tax dollars collected each year that is added to this fund.
Possible usage of the tax:


There has been a conversation about a Civic/Community Center between the Candidates and I would like to give you my opinion and thoughts on the idea.
The building would have a square footage in the range of 3000-3500 square feet that can fit on the TW King side of the Town Hall property.
The property is already paved for available parking spaces.
It could have a kitchen area with walls that can be partitioned.
This saves on the purchase of land to build the building and paved parking spaces.
It allows the remaining undeveloped land to be used commercially for tax generating income.
While we will have 5 hotels many of their conference/meeting rooms are small and cannot hold a fairly large group of guests.
This Town Hall location is within walking distance of 4 of the 5 hotels.
When the Civic Center is not in use or scheduled to be occupied our Town through organizations such as: the Trophy Club Woman’s Club, HOA’s, TCEVA along with Residents wanting to have social events can take advantage of the facility.
There is currently about $1.3 million dollars in Hotel Tax and soon the annual tax received will be substantially over $200,000 per year according to town forecasts.
This Civic/Community is a primary use of those funds.
Conversations with a few residents in construction guesstimate the cost in the range between $6-8 hundred thousand dollars, that needs to be determined.
We could take advantage of the low interest rates and pay it out over a period of time or as it is being built.
Around 2008 there was a survey for a $5 million dollar park bond, the top two (2) items were Trails and a Community/Senior Center.
The bond passed and the majority of the funds were allocated towards the building Independence Park East.
It would be best to put this along with a few other ideas going forward for the Town in a survey which I believe would unite not divide us.



  • Beautifying the Town's four (4) main entrance ways with decorative monuments of life size Bronze Statutes honoring the three (3) major Golfers to grace our area: Ben Hogan, who designed Trophy Club Golf Course; Byron Nelson, who lived in our area (Roanoke) and for whom the High School is named; Kathy Whitworth, who lived in Trophy Club and holds the record for most Tour Tournaments (88) than anyone else on either the LPGA or the PGA Tour. The entrance way by BNHS would have a Bronze Statute of Young Golfers.
  • New wayfinding signage, upgrade certain entryway medians and park signage.

    We will need a thorough review of the budget to find cost effective ways and new measures to control the expenses while keeping the high standard of services that we currently provide our residents.

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