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Friday, March 6, 2020 12:00 PM

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Looks like the May 02, 2020 Local Trophy Club election may be delayed.
While the Governor is recommending that the May election be held on November 03, 2020 with the Presidential election which would create an issue with the runoff elections that were scheduled towards the latter part of May, 2020.
The Governor left it up to the individual Counties to decide.
Trophy Club is in the position of being in 2 Counties which would mean that both Counties (Denton & Tarrant) would have to sign off on an alternative voting proposal other then November 03, 2020.
The Counties control the equipment therefore they control the process.
The code allows for those who currently hold an office that is scheduled to be on the ballot to continue to exercise their duties until the new officers take their oaths of office.
If you have already sent in a mail-in ballot those ballots will be valid for the rescheduled voting date.

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